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House Of Wolves



House Of Wolves

2016.01.21   |   1h 39min   |  Comedy

Director         Vincent KOK

Producers     Alvin LAM, REN Yue

Starring         Francis NG, Ronald CHENG, JIANG Shu Ying, Candice YU, Babyjohn,

                      Ella KOON, Derek TSANG, Vincent KOK

In an old rural district, Charlie (by Francis NG), who pretends to be an ALS patient for having others’ sympathy and taking advantages, runs a dog shelter, a place where Charlie secretly carries out different sorts of nasty business. The hereditary village chief, Bing (by Ronald CHENG), is a devious bully who enjoys testing others with money and takes advantages of his fellows by fraud.

One day, an attractive woman Jane (by JIANG Shu Ying) arrives in this neighborhood. This newcomer charms Charlie and Bing, they try different ways to hook up with Jane but later find Jane is carrying the baby of her ex-boyfriend, Steve (by Derek TSANG), who is a well-known tycoon’s heir. Unexpectedly, the two guys’ annoying yet amusing acts bring comfort to Jane during her pregnancy, and the three become good friends and treat each other like family. When Jane is about to give birth, the crafty Steve comes to use dirty tricks to get back the baby, Charlie and Bing determine to step up and protect Jane, a crazy battle breaks out...




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