Wolf Warrior 2





Wolf Warrior 2

2017.09.07   |   2h 3min   |  Action 

Director         WU Jing

Producers      GUAN Hailong, ZHANG Miao, JI Daoqing

Starring         WU Jing, Frank GRILLO, WU Gang, Hans ZHANG, Celina JADE,

                      DING Haifeng, CHUNYU Shanshan

Mr. LENG Feng (by WU Jing) is experiencing the lowest point of his life in the vast ocean near Africa. Depressed and upset, he thinks he will rather drift for the whole life. But when he intends to do that, unexpected accident has broken his plan because he is forced to be drawn into an African civil war.
Feng is unable to forget his obligation as a solder to his country and his people, even though outside of the country, he is unable to leave his compatriots in the war. Therefore, he risks his own life and enters to the occupied areas taken by the insurgents. His only target is to take his trapped compatriots to areas free of wars. He says he will rather die than to become conquered people.