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Xiao Ming and His Buddies


Xiao Ming & His Buddies

2016.10.28   |   2h 5min   |  Comedy 

Director         WANG Xin

Producers      PAN Yang

Starring         QIAO Shan, XU Jun Cong, SUN Jian Hong, CHOI Seong Guk

Xiao Ming’s busy parents have been separated for a long time. On Xiao Ming’s birthday, they can only send him money as birthday present. Xiao Ming then invites his friends to have party in his villa. All of his friends are envy at his luxurious life. Xiao Ming starts to brag about how rich his family is and how much his parents love him. He even tells his friends the password of the safe at home, which is accidentally heard by a truck driver Liu Bei and a salon owner Chuang Qian, the two turn to burglars and reach an agreement of sharing the money. Two stupid thieves and Xiao Ming’s little buddies start a contest.


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