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About Youth




About Youth

2018.03.30   |   1h 27min   |  Romance

Director         WANG Yu Hui 

Producer       SU Guo Xing 

Starring         Dino LEE, Bii, Sunnie WANG, LIN Ying Wei 

In a musical contest, a letter brings back the memories of Miss Wang (by Sunnie WANG), now a teacher, and reunites her with her high school sweetheart, it seems like it was only yesterday…
High school fresher Wang Nai-Yuen finds herself meeting her crush in the flesh one day. Unbeknownst to her, it is all for a bet the drama-class senior Shin-Chun (by Dino LEE) makes with his friends. What started out as a prank slowly binds the unlikely pair together, and Nai-Yuen’s life is never the same since then… Shin-Chun’s best friend, Hsiu-Nan (by Bii), a music fanatic and also a dreamboat in the school, desperately tries to break them apart while his own pursuit of Man-Hsien (by LIN Ying Wei) doesn’t go as planned. And bigger trouble awaits him as he finds himself frantically working through money issues.
As the adolescent boys and girls grow through the coming-of-age story on loss and longing, their fantasies of love are to be tested

《有一種喜歡 About Youth》正式預告 Regular Trailer

《有一種喜歡 About Youth》正式預告 Regular Trailer

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