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Exclusive: Hong Kong Director Barbara Wong Talks New Movie “Don't Forget I Love You”
”In Barbara Wong’s Don’t Forget I Love You, life is a beautiful gift to be cherished and spent with people who love you unconditionally.”
China Box Office: ‘White Storm 2’ Dominates as ‘Spider-Man’ Loses Grip
The Andy Lau- and Louis Koo-starring Hong Kong action film “White Storm 2: The Drug Lords” was the third highest grossing film in the world this weekend thanks to a strong $62.4 million China opening. It far outstripped other Chinese and U.S. content in Chinese theaters.
"The White Storm 3" stars enjoy working in HK
Although they had to wait for a while to begin shooting again after the production moved their film set from Thailand to Hong Kong, "The White Storm 3" actors admitted that they are fine with the change.
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Universe Films Distribution lines up slate of high-profile blockbusters
Hong Kong’s Universe Films Distribution is (virtually) introducing a string of high-profile blockbuster titles to buyers at the Marche.
Variety: China Box Office: 'Shock Wave 2' Blasts Past 'Soul,' 'Wonder Women 1984'
Hong Kong’s “Shock Wave 2” out-earned “Wonder Woman 1984” in China in just two days, topping the local box office this weekend with a $51.4 million debut, according to data from Maoyan.
The Hollywood Reporter: Hong Kong action sequel Shock Wave 2 rocked China's box office over the weekend
Hong Kong action sequel 'Shock Wave 2' rocked China's box office over the weekend, opening to a healthy $65 million. Youth fantasy film 'Dream of Eternity' also did decent business, debuting to $38.9 million. Hollywood tentpoles, however, fared far less well.
Shock Wave 2 Review: Andy Lau Returns To Defuse Bombs in Preposterous, Explosive Action Thriller
The most explosive question — pun fully intended — you'd wanna ask about mega-blast sequel Shock Wave 2 is this, How the heck is Andy Lau still in this movie? Being that, let me put this most delicately, his butt was blown up to smithereens at the end of Part 1 in 2017.
Oscars: Hong Kong Selects ‘The White Storm 2’ for International Feature Film Category
The Federation of Motion Film Producers of Hong Kong has selected Herman Yau's crime thriller 'The White Storm 2 — Drug Lords' as the country's submission for consideration in the international feature film Oscar category.
The White Storm 2: Drug Lords crosses $1 million in takings in Singapore
SINGAPORE - The crime thriller The White Storm 2: Drug Lords has just passed the $1 million mark at the Singapore box office, making it the third high-grossing Asian title this year.
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