驚天救援 | Flashover

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阿龍 | Atonement

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叫天不應 | Call Heaven To Heaven

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Ou and his friends go on a trip to Russia without telling his estranged father Ting (by Liu Mu), and he soon finds himself in deep water as they get held up by the local mobsters. Ting loses contact with Au before he can learn his whereabouts...

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The serial bombing attacks in Hong Kong caused panic in the city. Former EODB officer, Poon Shing-Fung (by Andy LAU), was found in a coma at the spot – making him the prime suspect. He was grilled by the Police for his connections with the terrorist organization, “Vendetta”

無間行者之生死潛行 | The Infernal Walker

Fuk Wor Triad member Ting (by Michael Tse Tin Wah) and Senior Inspector Tuen (by Pakho Chau) of the Regional Anti Triad Unit are moles that have been planted by the rival party...

隱世奇聞錄 2 | The Hidden Town 2

When Mrs. Hsu comes knocking on the drunken Mr. Xu’s door one night, she ventures into the room when he doesn’t answer the door. Mr. Xu, is found dead in the room, next to him stands a dancing woman...

隱市奇聞錄 1 | The Hidden Town 1

That night in Bianjing, a servant brings the freshly-prepared medication to the salt merchant, but is left dumbfounded by the sight of numerous mystic herons pecking at her master’s body, leaving behind only his bones before flying away and disappearing into the night.

掃毒2天地對決 | The White Storm 2 Drug Lords

In the quadripartite drug market in Hong Kong, Dizang gradually expands across the border, followed by a chain of dog-eat-dog events which shock and bring the whole trade on high alert.

猜猜我是誰 | The Big Call

With telecom fraud cases going increasingly rampant, the Anti-Telecom Fraud Center is established to combat telecom fraud crimes.

拆彈專家 | Shock Wave

Cheung Zoi-shan, a senior inspector in Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau (EOD) of Hong Kong Police Force, went undercover seven years ago into the gang led by the most-wanted crime boss .

小明和他的小伙伴們 | Xiao Ming & His Buddies

Salon owner Chuang Qian and truck driver Liu Bei cross paths as they both target Xiao Ming’s villa for a robbery. When not a penny is found, the two burglars begin to bond with the lonely kid and his friends, but the real danger lurks… 

危城 | Call Of Heroes

Warlord Cao Ying tries to take over the village namely Pucheng, his cruel and cold-blooded son arrives at the village and kills innocent folks . Guardians of the village arrest him and plan to execute him after the trial. Little do they know that justice will be carried out at a heavy cost. 

惡人谷 | House Of Wolves

Bing, the village chief, and Charlie, the swindler swoon over the newcomer, Jane. Little do they know about her pregnancy, or her scheme to trick them into believing one of them is the father. The pair fight over her and only until the real father furiously comes forward her true motives are revealed…

巴黎假期 | Paris Holiday

Kit is sent to Paris by his company for red wine marketing. Starting a new life in the foreign land, Kit encounters his roommate Man, an artist struggling with her past relationship. Being supportive to each other, the two broken hearts get closer bit by bit and create a romantic ‘Paris Holiday’!

五個小孩的校長 | Little Big Master

Located in a remote village, a kindergarten with just five poor students will be torn down if they fail to hire the only staff - a headmaster in time. Hung, just retired from her previous job as school master, is haunted by the uncertain future of the five kids….