Battle of Jangsari




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Battle of Jangsari

2020.03.12   |   1h 44min   |  War, Drama  

Director         KWAK Kyung-taek, KIM Tae-hun

Producers     CHUNG Tae-won, KIM Dong-won, CHUNG Jae-hee

Starring         KIM Myung-min, CHOI Min-ho, KIM Sung-cheol, KIM In-kwon,

                      KWAK Si-yang, George EADS, Megan FOX

When North Korea invades South Korea in 1950, in order take back a strategic location of Incheon, U.S. General MacArthur needed a small battalion to flank the North Korean army and eliminate their supply line at Jangsari beach.
All 772 student soldiers are barely out of school with only 2 weeks of boot camp training. Task force commander, Captain Lee Myung-jun (by KIM Myung-min) has no choice but to lead them into a crucial mission. Meanwhile, US war correspondent Maggie (by Megan FOX) braves the dangers of the battlefield to report on the war in the frontlines. She feels empathy for the Korean students and tries to do what she can on her end to rescue them.
With little ammo, scant food supplies and raggedy weapons, can the students successfully carry out their mission and return home safely?