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Broken Keys

Release on 2023.3.23



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Broken Keys

2023.3.23 |   1hr 50m   |  War / Drama


Jimmy Keyrouz


Jimmy Keyrouz / Ellie Foumbi / Moe Lattouf


Tarek Yaacoub, Rola Beksmati, Mounir Maasri, Julian Farhat, Sarah Abi Kanaan

Official entry for Academy Awards Best International Feature Film - Lebanon.

2013. Karim, a pianist, lives in a hideout, in a war-torn village in Syria. His dream is to escape the country to Europe and continue his music career. The only way he can gather money to leave is to sell his most precious possession, the piano he inherited from his mother. But things entangle when his piano is shot. Karim has to  embark on a dangerous quest to repair his broken keys...


Through the transcendent power of music, the film explores survival, resistance, defiance, war and hope. It represents the fight for art and the profound impact that it has on a broken society. It’s a reminder that even in a world torn by war, terrorism, and daily abuses of human rights; the beauty of music and its unifying properties don’t lessen, making it a cause worth fighting for.

I am Woman


《戰地孤聲》正式預告 Broken Keys - Official Trailer

《戰地孤聲》正式預告 Broken Keys - Official Trailer

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