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2022.04.21  |   1hr 48m   |  Horror, Sci-Fi



Yasuhiko Shimizu

Masaki SUDA, Masaki OKADA, Hikaru TASHIRO, Takumi SAITO, Anne WATANAB, Kotaro YOSHIDA

They awake to find themselves within a mysterious structure: the Cube... Six men and women have been abruptly trapped inside: an engineer, an NPO employee, a part-time worker, a junior high student, a mechanic, and a company director. They share no connections whatsoever. Unable to comprehend their situation, they attempt to escape, but encounter a succession of lethal traps, including heat-sensing lasers, slicing wires, and flamethrowers. Unless their inbuilt codes can be deciphered, there is no way out.The captives are pushed to their physical and psychological limits as they wrestle with extreme tension and anxiety, and human nature slowly rears its ugly head... As fear and distrust swirls around them, and despite seeing no end in sight to their torment, they push on into the depths of the structure, in order to survive. Will any of them make it out alive?!



《死亡立方》CUBE 60s Trailer

《死亡立方》CUBE 60s Trailer

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