Detective Gui




Detective Gui

2015.08.13   |   2h 6min   |  Action, Suspense, Romance

Director         Oxide PANG

Producers     Jerry ZHANG, Karen FU, MOU Feng Jing, RONG Yang, LI Ye, XIE Wei,

                      YE Song, Aileen LI, WU Chen Hsiang

Starring         WANG Luodan, Vic CHOU, YAM Tat Wah Simon, PAW Hee Ching,

                      TIEN Hish, Maggie SHIU, SHEK Sau

Gui (by WANG Luodan) is a famous female detective. Her unique way of investigation, though baffles others, can always solve the case unexpectedly. Despite her high IQ, Gui’s EQ is surprisingly low. This time, Gui is challenged by a tricky case as well as the police. The ripper case brings the detective and the inspector together and crashes out much fun. Who will the winner, Gui who handles cases in unexpected ways, or the inspector who thinks with seamless logic? However, the case is not as simple as it looks. The two who achieve their initial success will have to join hands as a bigger mystery emerges.