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Mystery Writers

Release on 2024.05.16

Mystery Writers


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Mystery Writers

2024.05.16 |   1hr 23m   |  Horror, Suspense


Hsieh Chih Wen


Hsieh Chih Wen, Batan


Esther Huang, Chen Yuu, Masha Pan, Dai Ping Ya, Tanivu Yatauyungana

A fierce fire broke out on the 4th floor of the Jin Xin Building, suspected to have been caused by electrical wires igniting. Thick smoke billowed to the ceiling, but the escape routes were blocked with debris, leaving 19 residents trapped and perishing in the flames. This tragic event shocked society, and rumors of terror within the Jin Xin Building persisted, earning it a notorious reputation as a haunted house. However, due to its significantly lower rent compared to surrounding properties, it always remained fully occupied. Exorcist Pei Zhi (played by Chen Yuu), YouTuber Shao Jun (played by Masha Pan) seeking inspiration for ghost stories, and Yi Ting (played by Aline Cheng), who moved to the city for work, were among those who gradually moved in. One day, Pei Zhi and Shao Jun experienced a supernatural event together, prompting them to join forces to investigate these inexplicable phenomena and uncover the truth behind the fire disaster.





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