Perfect Imperfection





Perfect Imperfection

2018.03.30   |   1h 27min   |  Romance




Richard CHEN

AHN Jae-hyeon, Ady AN, Alex FONG

A Virgo restaurant manager Ye Xiaomeng (by Ady AN) has been labelled as ''leftover ladies'', due to her emotional obesession for finding a perfect lover. One day she meets another Virgo Leng An (by AHN Jae-hyeon) , who is an editor of a food magazine, Leng mistakenly gives a negative comment to her restaurant, they start to get involed in each other's lives. At the same time Xiaomeng falls in love with a restaurant's general manager, David (by Alex FONG), who is perfect as her ideal lover. However, the fact that David cannot forget his ex-fiancée Linda is grinding Xiaomeng's heart. After spending day and night with each other, Leng finds himself falling for Xiaomeng. Both David and Leng are involved in Xiaomeng's emotional world. Who will be Xiaomeng's true love?



《我是處女座 Perfect Imperfection》預告 Trailer

《我是處女座 Perfect Imperfection》預告 Trailer

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