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The 100 Candles Game




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The 100 Candles Game

2021.04.22  |   1hr 41m   |  Thriller, Horror




Nicolás Onetti (Creative Director), Guillermo Lockhart, Víctor Català, Daniel Ruebesam, Tony Morales, Nicholas Peterson, Oliver Garland, Brian Deane, Christopher West

Michael Kraetzer and Nicolás Onetti.

Amy Smart, Wallis Barton, James Wright, Magui Bravi, Clara Kovacic, Agustín  Olcese, Luz Champané, Amparo Espinola

One hundred candles. One hundred ghost stories. And a mirror in the dark to summon the spirits…

This is a chilling story that takes place about 275 km from the City of Buenos Aires (Argentina); a real haunted mansion built in 1930, Castle San Francisco. A group of friends must confront their fears in a terrifying game. They must sit by the other players in a circle made of a hundred candles, take one of them and tell a horror story. As stories are told and candles get blown, strange events will start to happen. They will feel strange presences around them, lurking in the shadows. But they MUST NOT leave the game or else a terrible curse will fall upon them...



《玩命招魂夜》預告 The 100 Candles Game HD Trailer

《玩命招魂夜》預告 The 100 Candles Game HD Trailer

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