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The Big Call


The Big Call


The Big Call

The Big Call

2018.01.06   |   2h 1min   |  Suspense, Action




Oxide PANG

Alvin LAM, TANG Ke, PENG Mingyu, LIU Kailuo 

Cheney CHEN, CHANG Hsiaochuan, GWEI Lunmei, Reve JIANG

With telecom fraud cases going increasingly rampant, the Anti-Telecom Fraud Center is established to combat telecom fraud crimes. Led by an experienced police officer Captain Tan Sirong, the Center has sent female SWAT team member Xu Xiaotu (by Reve JIANG) as an undercover agent to penetrate into criminal mastermind Lin Ah-hai’s (by Chang Hsiaochuan) den in Thailand. They have also recruited Ding Xiaotian (by Cheney CHEN) , an ambitious young town policeman to join the force.

​The police approaches Ah-hai but always fails to catch him red-handed. With the help of Agent Xu, Ding manages to evoke Ah-hai’s girlfriend Liu Lifang’s  (by GWEI Lunmei) innermost complaints against Ah-hai over the phone, Lifang reveals more stories. Meanwhile, Ah-hai decides to carry out his long-planned fraud with the biggest bet ever after some Taiwanese telecom fraudsters propose to buy him out…



《猜猜我是誰》The Big Call – HK Regular Trailer 香港正式預告

《猜猜我是誰》The Big Call – HK Regular Trailer 香港正式預告

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