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The Hidden Town 1


The Hidden Town 1


The Hidden Town 1

The Hidden Town 1

2020.05.23   |   1h 12min   |  Period Fantasy , Adventure 




XUE Wen Hua

ZHANG Guang Ping, ZHOU Qiao Zhi

GAO Si Wen, CAI Pei Chi, ZHANG Qing, JIANG Wen Wen

The Hidden Town, kept out of sight in the woodland on the outskirts of
Bianjing is where practitioner Bai Qingluo encounters Bai Ling, the quirky
traveler in search of rare birds Qingluo agrees to take Ling into the Hidden Town on one condition to return the favor, Ling will teach her parrot to talk.

That night in Bianjing a servant brings the freshly prepared medication to the salt merchant, but is left dumbfounded by the sight of numerous mystic herons pecking at her master’s body, leaving behind only his bones before flying away and disappearing into the night Detective Shi Shen is sent to investigate the case, but soon he needs to hurry to the Hidden Town as he suddenly gets severely ill with poison.

At Qing Luo’s house, he is much amused by her parrot Whilst attending to
Shi Shen, Qingluo learns the murder mystery from him that is when she
decides to try fight fire with fire to use the aforementioned birds as remedies Together with Shi Shen and Ling, Qingluo set out to uncover the secrets behind the murder.



《隱市奇聞錄 1 The Hidden Town 1》 正式預告 Regular Trailer

《隱市奇聞錄 1 The Hidden Town 1》 正式預告 Regular Trailer

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