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Vietnamese Horror Story

Release on 2022.07.28



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Vietnamese Horror Story

Coming Soon |   1hr 48m   |  Horror, Suspense


Trần Hữu Tấn


Vân Trang, Huỳnh Thanh Trực, Lê Bê La, Mạc Can,

Nguyễn Ngọc Hiệp, Nguyễn Hữu Tiến, Trần Khả Như, 

Huỳnh Như Đan, Tran Phong, Tran Phong, Trịnh Tài, Xuân Phúc

Sets the highest ticket presales record in Vietnam film industry, and achieves the biggest opening weekend in 2022, this incredible movie is the first movie in the Vietnamese horror cinematic universe to be inspired by urban legends and ghost stories rumored in folklore. The 3 interwoven stories unfold the terrifying Vietnamese urban legends revolving around an ill-fated superstar behind the iconic sugarcane lady poster, a has-been circus magician worshipping the devil, and a sinister spirit trapped in an old battlefield.


鬼咒 Vietnamese Horror Story  - 正式預告 Regular Trailer

鬼咒 Vietnamese Horror Story - 正式預告 Regular Trailer

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